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Sean Waters, raised by northern Colorado hippies, was a child of both compassion and alcoholism: and both these threads come through in his debut single “Easy Graces,” which he recorded in Los Angeles with Justin Andres, the live music director and bassist for rock-and-roll hall-of-famer Justin Andres. Masterfully produced by Andres, “Easy Graces,” infuses Waters chill and ruminative Colorado americana with a kind of indie-pop edge of L.A. alt-rock. The lyricics nod to both Bob Dylan and Tom Petty; the groovy, indie-folk ambient rock soundscape nods to Father John Misty, Hiss Golden Messenger, and the softer rock of Cage the Elephant.  

Lyrically, “Easy Graces” is a promising debut for a road-tested singer-songwriter, exploring the challenge and grace of addiction and love, breaking up and staying together. It’s a song about what we keep and what we lose in recklessness, a love story that, according to Waters, “also touches on our current use of social media to prostitute our addictions.”  

There’s a kind of snarky but humble spiritualism here, an exploration of grace as acceptance, and “the paradox of being together even though you’re physically and socially and emotionally apart.” Perhaps that’s why the song, which was recorded over a year ago, still has some relevance in today’s social distancing movement.
“Everything has come to mean something else, or at least it’s showing a new side of itself in this societal brush with death -- this COVID-19 situation,” Waters explains, “and ‘Easy Graces’ is no exception: it deals with being separate and still together, of carrying someone with you even though you can’t be with them physically, of the perseverance of love, while at the same time, how an addiction to alcohol, or sex, or even our identities themselves leads you “to a heith you find alone” that you can only fall from, “finding you’re gone” from the togetherness and humility and society that being a human is all about.  

This track was recorded in January 2019, almost a year before the live debut of Waters’ live band, the Sunrise Genius. With Sean Waters on Acoustic Guitar and Lead Vocals, “Easy Graces” also features Justin Andres on Bass, Electric Guitar, Synths, Backing Vocals, Kiel Feher on Drums and Percussion, Luke Miller on Keys, Organ, and Casey Calmenson on Backing Vocals, “Easy Graces” is a layered labor of love, an exercise in the easy graces of an artistic life where, above all, you’re true to yourself.