Before launching a career as a performer, writer, and bandleader in early 2020, Sean Waters has worked as a philosophy instructor, ski bum and touring musician. Son of well-educated northern Colorado hippies, he was raised to appreciate the Beatles and Bob Dylan alongside Jitterbug Perfume and Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. The psychedelic counter-culture ethos of self-liberation, and the promise of finding truth on the road has stuck with him, as has his roots in the open landscapes and small wonders of Colorado nature. He's a mountain man and an accomplished back-country skier.

As a performer, he’s logged over thousand shows with Wasabi (2002- 2008), and the Seers (2009-2020), while also gaining masters degrees in both philosophy and English education. Waters, who believes that music reveals the structure of the universe (dawn to dusk, life to death, sound to silence) wrote his MA Philosophy thesis about how Buddhist theories of knowledge can treat depression and focused his English Ed Masters project on why we need to introduce young people to philosophy. An avid daily writer, he's filled over 138 moleskin journals with over a million words of notes, songs, and poems.

All the while, Waters has been quietly and patiently fine-tuning the crafts of singing and songwriting.

In early 2019, Waters caught his first real break after his demos intrigued L.A.-based producer Justin Andres, the live music director for Rock and Roll Hall-of-Famer Eric Burdon and the Animals. In 2020, Waters flew to Los Angeles to craft an EP of lushly layered singles straddling Colorado alternative rock and California indie pop.  Indie Is Not a Genre premiered his debut single “Easy Graces” (Out April 24th, 2020), and the song was subsequently was featured in Two Story Melody, comeherefloyd, and Heartbeat, who noted tender vocals and sophisticated production.  

And this is just the beginning. In early 2020, inspired by the vision of the L.A. recording sessions, Sean began gathering a team of like-minded people and a stellar live band, naming the proclivities of his muse and his collaborative artistic team the SUNRISE GENIUS. Together with drummers Tyler Lindgren and Zack Scott, guitarists/bassists Taylor Tesler and Ehren Crumpler, and keyboardists Dave Wisbon and Brian Collins, Sean Waters is settling into a long and rewarding career as a musician, writer, philosopher and artist.

Sean has appeared at the Colorado Showcase at SXSW, The Colorado Brewers' Festival, First Night Fest, Fortoberfest, and other events across the front range. In regional press, Sean has been called a "skillful, entertaining and soulful performer."   In partnership with Syncopate Media, a start-up artist-services marketing company, He plans to release two EPs with a a complementary set of essays in 2020.