Resolution 2020: Seven Factors of Awakening

Alongside my more material goals, I’ve been working on self-trust… and in trusting the process of my life.
So I set my standard resolutions, to cultivate the presence of mind through daily morning pages, exercise and music, and art to keep it going and make it easy.
But with these resolutions to make more art, there’s a deeper resolution to actualize my full potential as a human being.
In Buddhist terms, enlightenment, awakening to the nature of reality.
In Christian terms, salvation, a self-emptying life lived in the spirit of unconditional love and service.
The way towards both… towards enlightenment and unconditional love … is something like gardening delicate flowers that need tending every day.
So, in 2020, I hereby resolve to cultivate the factors of awakening, and abandon the hindrances to ultimate success. Starting with a review of what those factors actually are :)

Cultivating the Seven Factors of Awakening:

  1. MINDFULNESS: the presence in the current moment and awareness of reality: of the breath, the body, and the mind.
  2. INVESTIGATION: into the nature of reality and the self
  3. ENERGY: determination and effort towards helping, serving
  4. JOY: the bliss and rapture of being alive
  5. RELAXATION: tranquility and ease of the body and mind
  6. CONCENTRATION: a calm method of maintaining one-pointed focus
  7. EQUANIMITY: to accept reality as it comes, as it is, without craving or aversion.

Weeding out the Five Hindrances to Awakening:

  1. SENSORY DESIRE: confusing happiness with pleasure. It’s ok to have desires and experience pleasure — you just don’t want to confuse your ultimate happiness with the pursuit and satisfaction of such desires.
  2. ILL WILL: hatred, bitterness, resentment… not helpful.
  3. SLOTH AND TORPOR: Heaviness of body and dullness of mind
  4. WORRY: Inability to calm the mind
  5. DOUBT: Lack of conviction and trust …
Which takes me back to my beginning, of the importance of self-trust… trust in
And more storytelling.
Bonus quotes from Star Wars, the Force Awakens:
“the belonging you seek is not behind you, but is ahead”
“the force moves through and surrounds every living thing. Close your eyes, feel it, the light. It has always been there, it will guide you.”

You are not here by accident. Photo by Benjamin Balázs on Unsplash